What Is “White Glove Service” In Logistics?

What is “White Glove Service” In Logistics?

White Glove Service Defined

White Glove Service is more than just a marketing term in logistics and transportation. In our modern, interconnected world, customers demand only the best delivery service for their purchases. They assume that their packages will not be placed on their doorstep and left behind.

White Glove service ensures that your package is our highest priority and that it undoubtedly satisfies all your delivery expectations. We pay the highest attention to detail to avoid even minor scratches or risks.

Many clients choose to ship the following: specialty goods, luxury goods, legal documents, fragile packages, climate-sensitive packages, furniture, fixtures, antiques, large electro domestics (refrigerators), electronic devices, and more via our white glove option.

White Glove Service Example

To explain, white glove logistics in action looks like this:

A customer may request that the shipment be put into an ice chest to keep it cool, or they may want the package to ride in the front seat with a seatbelt on, where it can be continuously monitored.

Many times, our client will ask us to coordinate with the person who is receiving the package to arrange specific delivery instructions. If a particular person is not there to receive the shipment, clients may ask us to hold it until the person arrives.

Client Customized

We will customize the packaging of your goods depending on size, nature, value, and fragility. We will also follow the standard protocols and guidelines to handle your package safely. We can accommodate anything –oversized freight, padded vans, climate-controlled trucks.

24/7 Customer Service

You can trust our experienced drivers to handle your package how you would want to care for it yourself. We go beyond the standard expectation, especially when dealing with objects that could be costly if not handled with the highest level of care.

You can rely on our excellent customer service 24/7 and ongoing support. Our drivers are available on-call, and you can always expect a prompt response from us. Shoot us an email at [email protected] or get a free quote online. If you are a client of us, you can always check your deliveries in the Customer Portal, including real-time tracking and GPS notifications. Choose our White Glove service for logistics needs and enjoy its premium service today!

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