California Essential Business

California Essential Business – Courier & Logistics Are Priority

What Is a California Essential Business?

On March 19, 2020, Executive Order N-33-20 directed all residents to stay home except for those operations that are deemed critical for the well-being of California residents. During this second December 2020 lockdown, the essential business order is followed in most counties, including Orange County.

Businesses considered nonessential by the government, such as hair salons, gyms, and outdoor restaurant seating, must remain closed. This order also urges individuals to only perform their essential activities outside, such as grocery shopping, filling gas, and, if they wish, performing outdoor exercise.

This mandate is due to the latest influx of new coronavirus cases, where regions where ICU capacity drops below 15% enforce the stay-at-home order. The State Public Health Officer has designated a list of the Essential Critical Infrastructure Workers so that the state can continue its functions, such as economic and national security.

Are Courier and Logistics Services Essential In California?

Delivery services are essential throughout the United States, and California government authorities are recognizing courier and logistics as such. According to the Essential Workforce list, “logistics operations for essential sectors, wholesale and retail sale, including warehousing … storing, packaging…” as well as “postal, parcel, courier, last-mile delivery, and shipping workers, companies who accept, process, transport, and deliver information and goods” are crucial to California’s functioning.

how Has Orange County’s Priority One Courier and Logistics Adapted To The Times?

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, we enforce local and federal agency guidelines, and our drivers practice social distancing, frequent handwashing between deliveries, and contactless delivery. Since 2007, we have become known in Irvine and Orange County for our excellent customer service.

Even 6 feet apart and with contactless services, we will always promise the best and most personalized service for our customers and their shipments! Stay updated using our Real-Time GPS Tracking, and in our Customer Portal, you can track your shipments, export reports, order entries, and more.

Remember that we can ship anything from a small parcel to oversized pallets and freight – both within Irvine & Orange County and throughout California and beyond. Whether it’s an urgent business shipment or a personal same-day delivery, we’ve got you covered and are here to serve.

You can give us a call at 866-707-8802, send us an email at [email protected], or you can fill out our Free Quote form here. Ship with us today and stay connected!

We sincerely hope everyone and their families are well and safe. Let’s keep California safe and beautiful and remember that its outstanding individuals make our state shine!

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