The Supply Chain Has Broken, But Your Business Can Keep Thriving

On-time deliveries in a logistical chaos?

If your business relies on the supply chain, you must have noticed the huge setbacks the industry is experiencing. Due to disruptions in the shipping routes, ports, air cargo, trucking lines, railways, and skyrocketing fuel costs, there has been a shortage of crucial manufacturing parts, delivery delays, and a spike in costs. This logistical chaos ultimately affects business owners’ bottom lines and consumers’ wallets, as well as people whose livelihood depends on receiving certain products.

Last year, as the economy went into lockdown, so did consumer demands. However, as of the summer of 2020, thanks to the stimulus injections, consumers began to demand goods from retailers again. Although the economy was starting to run again, this would later become a huge logistics problem.

Same day couriers have stepped in

We noticed this problem, and in mid-2020, Priority One Courier & Logistics became a local solution in helping shippers and customers get their shipments across the country, especially in Los Angeles and other areas of Southern California, like Orange County.

Predictability and accuracy are two elements needed to keep the effectiveness of the supply chain, but this was lost. By the end of 2020 and the early months of 2021, it had only gotten worse. At the beginning of the new year, over 40 ships with tens of thousands of containers were waiting “in line” at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. The surge in volume happened during the holiday season. The demand increased even more as stores had to replenish their inventory from last year. Similar events happened around the world.

Truck shortages across the country

Current safety concerns, job instability, and expanded government benefits have led to a shortage of truck drivers. Currently, there is one qualified driver for every nine job postings. Worse, this has caused a truck shortage, and renting one these days is almost impossible unless you do it well in advance. This is a very risky business.

What can you do amidst the logistical delays and problems in the supply chain?

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