No Easy Fix for Supply Chain

No Easy Fix For Supply Chain Heading Into November 2021

How Did We Get Here?

The beginning of 2021 was already causing big problems in the supply chain, like bottlenecks and congestion. Since then, consumer demand has risen, transportation expenses have increased, and there is still a labor shortage and overseas manufacturing delays.

The country’s economic growth has also slowed down by 2%.

Let’s go in-depth into some issues and solutions

Ports are congested.

President Biden also hopes that the $100 fine/day starting on November 1st for lingering cargo containers will ease congestion in the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports.

Farmers are struggling.

In addition, farmers are struggling to get the equipment they need to harvest their crops and ensure the food goes on American shelves. Besides affecting the American consumer, the food shortage has also caused a trickle-down effect on nonprofits, shelters, and institutions that rely on overstocked food items.


One of the main issues in the country is the truck drivers’ labor shortage. Currently, about one driver for every 9-10 trucks are loaded and ready to go. One solution executive from Flock Freight stated is “truck sharing,” which they explain is like Airbnb for trucks. This will also ensure that trucks are filled up as close to capacity.

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Next flight out

If your business relies on delivering packages on time, consider using our next-flight-out service. Many companies nationwide have no choice but to ship via air, which also comes at a higher cost to the consumer.

We hold TSA certification that allows us to tender very time-sensitive cargo on aircraft nationwide, offering a fast and secure solution for our clients.

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