Next Flight Out Courier Services

Next Flight Out & On-Board Courier Services

These top-level priority services will ensure that your shipment is delivered anywhere in the world in the shortest time. We are proud to hold TSA certification that allows us to tender very time-sensitive cargo on aircraft nationwide, offering a fast and secure solution for our clients in Orange County, California, and the rest of the United States.

How Does the Next Flight Out Service (NFO) Work?

Our hubs are located at Lax and SNA airports, where we partner with several airlines to find the best flight for you. We put your package on the next flight out of Orange County or Los Angeles County to any major airport in the United States.

This service requires account setup and vetting through TSA’s database. By TSA restrictions, we can only accept packages from “known shippers.” If you’re unsure whether you’re a known shipper, please get in touch with us at 866-707-8802.

Is NFO Same-Day Delivery?

We can deliver your next flight out package either same-day or next-day. Our courier partners in the destination city will deliver your cargo to the last mile, or we can hold the cargo at the destination airport for your agent to pick up. This service helps our clients meet critical deadlines when every minute counts.

What Items Can I Ship with NFO?

We regularly deliver shipments for the following industries: manufacturing, industrial, medical courier, legal courier, property management, corporate courier, luxury goods courier, and more.

Ship Stress-Free with NFO

We take care of the multiple logistical steps for you, such as connecting flight schedules, last-minute delays, traffic, airport operating hours, and weather, so you can rest assured your package will arrive safely and on time.

How Does the On-Board Courier Service Work?

This service utilizes one of our highly experienced couriers who flies on board an aircraft with your package and hand delivers to a destination nationwide. The on-board courier service offers the utmost care and attention to your package. Your cargo will never leave our courier’s side.

We have transported many fragile, valuable, and highly time-sensitive items in this manner. Your package arrives anywhere in the country on the same day. We will contact you every step of the way to ensure you know exactly where your package is and when it has been delivered.

Take advantage of this premium service and deliver your necessary packages today, even during the pandemic.

If you’d like more information or a quote on the next flight out or on board courier services, please call us at 866-707-8802 or [email protected].

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