Is Covid-19 Responsible for Shipping Delays? 

The demand for same-day home deliveries is increasing due to shipping delays from Covid-19. What does the future of logistics look like in 2021? 

Covid-19 and Logistics Priority One Courier
How Coronavirus Has Changed the Logistics Industry

Coronavirus has changed the course of most if not all industries, including the supply chain, further impacting the overall country’s economy. 

Businesses and individuals are relying ever-more on express shipping services instead of regular mail or other shippers, as shipments have been delayed. 

In a world concerned with safety, health, and business, same-day couriers can help us adapt and deliver packages fast and safely again.

The Port of Los Angeles

Port of Los Angeles Delays P1
Port of Los Angeles experiences delays.

The Port of LA, which handles over a third of containers coming into the United States, has experienced unprecedented delays stemming from the pandemic. 

At the beginning of the new year, over 40 ships with tens of thousands of containers were waiting “in line” at Los Angeles and Long Beach ports. The surge in volume happened during the holiday season. The demand increased even more as stores had to replenish their inventory from last year. 

Shipping Delays Across the Globe

The article from Financial Times, “Turkey’s Logistics Providers Adjust to the Strains of Covid-19,” shows the many changes that the country has had to go through since the pandemic began. While some logistics companies, such as Netlog, had never focused on home deliveries, they are now in charge of over 6,000 deliveries per day in Istabul. Netlog is working to expand further. Other companies, however, are not doing as well. The decline in international trade has created a negative trickledown effect onto transporters. 

Covid-19 Flight Suspensions Cause Shipping Delays

Similarly, flight suspensions have caused the United States Postal Services to experience delays and difficulties internationally. Since Coronavirus began, there has been a need for someone to step in during these unforeseen circumstances. 

Same-Day Shipping Couriers

Same-day couriers like Priority One Courier and Logistics have been helping shippers and customers get their shipments across the country. Especially in Southern California areas like: Los Angeles, Irvine, Anaheim, San Diego, Tustin, Lake Forest, and other cities in Orange County.

Online Shopping & Home Deliveries at a Peak 

How Coronavirus Has Changed the Logistics Industry
Priority One Courier and Logistics customers can place orders & receive shipments from the comfort of their homes.

Individuals as well as organizations need their packages shipped and delivered fast. Although many people are working from home, the labor does not stop. In fact, many have become busier since having to figure out the “new norm” in terms of workspace, connectivity, and productivity. Since the pandemic began, the general workforce has had to become more reliant on doing business online. 

Even online shopping is at one of its highest peaks. Customers can rely on express shippers to fulfill their orders.

Shipping Committed to the Covid-19 Prevention Safety Measures

We are committed to the health of our clients & staff COVID-19
We are committed to the health of our clients & staff during COVID-19.

Since the pandemic began, many of our clients have been placing orders from their online portal in the comfort of their home. Purchase managers, warehouse managers, along with other team members, can follow a straight communication chain. Everyone can log into the portal to see the same information like:

  • Placing orders 
  • Tracking
  • Exporting reports 

Shipping is an essential business and we all need to stay connected. The World Health Organization and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have said that there is a low chance of Coronavirus contamination from cardboard or shipping containers. 

We would like to remind our customers that our staff continues to follow the applicable safety and health government guidelines. We also adhere to the best practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Our priority is to continue to provide the best same-day delivery experience for our customers, always in a healthy environment. For example, we offer completely touchless deliveries, where you do not even have to leave your house. You can also be sure that our staff has taken extreme sanitary caution.

As always, Priority One Courier and Logistics is committed to keeping our customers and members of our staff safe. 


Although the world of logistics isn’t quite the same yet, we must resort to innovative ways to adapt to the change. Check back on our site for any further updates on same-day shipping, logistics news, and more.

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