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Southern California businesses use our Rush Delivery service when time is of the essences. With Rush your package is guarantied to get it destination within 2-3 hours.

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Express Courier Services

In the fast-paced world of today, time-sensitive deliveries can make all the difference. When you find yourself in a situation where every minute counts, Priority One Courier & Logistics is your go-to solution. Catering to those moments that can’t wait, our Express Courier service is specifically designed for those absolutely urgent needs or emergencies requiring delivery within a narrow time window.

Our promise is not just about speed, but also reliability. The Express Courier service offers a guarantee that your package, document, or freight will reach its destination within an hour of dispatch. This level of promptness ensures that no matter the urgency, you can rely on Priority One Couriers to deliver on time, every time.

The scope of our Express Courier service varies based on location. While our gold standard is a delivery within the hour, certain regions offer a delivery window of 1–2 hours. This range caters to a wider set of locations and ensures that even if an hour is tight, the package will still reach swiftly. Priority One Couriers proudly extends this express service to cities such as Carson, Corona, Ontario, and other areas within Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.

In conclusion, when urgency is the top priority, our Express Service stands out. Whether it’s an important document that needs to be in a meeting across town or a vital package for a loved one, we’ve got you covered. Embrace the confidence and peace of mind that comes with choosing our trusted, speedy, and reliable delivery service. Whatever your courier or freight needs, we’re here to ensure they arrive on time.

Courier Service

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Courier Services

Courier Service

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If you need something delivered fast, safe, and secure, then give Priority One Courier & Logistics a call! We specialize in a variety of same-day and rush delivery options to Orange County and Southern California.

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