A Successful Reopening in California

California Is Reopening: What Does This Mean for Local Business?

California’s future post COVID-19 is still uncertain, but we are glad to see that businesses are starting to reopen and conduct their activities again. Our beautiful state depends on business being ‘done right’, especially in industry hubs like Irvine and other cities in Southern California. As of this year, the fastest industries in the state are healthcare, construction, technology, hospitality, and agriculture. Thankfully, 32% of Californians have been fully vaccinated, thus reducing the spread of the Coronavirus and helping us get one step closer to normalcy.

While this is good news, a rapid increase in customer demand poses issues of its own. Many shipping departments are feeling pressured, as production ramps up and orders start rolling in again. It is not uncommon for shipping departments to be running on skeleton crew these days. This raises the risk of missed deadlines, delays, or employee burnout.

Solution For Shipping Departments: Outsourcing Logistics

If you are struggling to meet shipping deadlines or are simply trying to get organized as your business reopens, why not hire an outside courier service instead of paying an in-house driver? Nowadays, having someone on staff is more costly than outsourcing, plus this also increases your risk and liability. Outsourcing your logistics will enable you to strategize and move business forward while knowing that your orders and shipments are being delivered safely, damage-free, and on time.

Orange County Local Courier

At Priority One Courier & Logistics, we use paperless and touch-free systems for ordering and delivery, and we continue to follow the safety precautions outlined by the CDC regarding COVID-19. You can read more about our health measures here. We can help your business ship anything, from important documents to small parcels and freight across state lines. We provide 1-hour services in Irvine and other cities of Orange County, serving the courier needs of legal, accounting, luxury goods, medical and other industries. 

Reopening your business and adapting to the modern world may be difficult, but your logistics do not have to be. Leave your logistics to our team of qualified professionals and provide a seamless experience for your customers. Call us at 866-707-8802 to get started today, or shoot us an email at [email protected], and a team member will get in touch with you soon.

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