5 Tips For Preparing & Shipping Fragile Items

5 Tips For Preparing & Shipping Fragile Items

We like to think that preparing packages for shipment is both a science and an art. This is especially true when preparing and shipping fragile items! There is definitely a ‘way it goes’ to ensure that the package will stay in perfect condition and arrive at its destination safely.

Prep Your Package

First things first, make sure that you choose good, sturdy, new, and completely undamaged boxes. If you are shipping fragile items, it is important to use boxes instead of other mailers. The box should be large enough to fit protective materials inside.

Write Instructions

Label your package clearly as Fragile, as well as adding the orientation. This step is especially important when handling breakable items.

Inspect & Ensure

As you pack your fragile items inside the box and begin to add protective material, such as padding peanuts, you will want to inspect and ensure that nothing is ripping or getting damaged. Ensure as you go that the box is able to be picked up without falling apart.

Wrapping & Double-Boxing

As we said before, make sure you use peanuts, bubble wrap or other protective materials to cover surfaces and every area. As you close the box it should feel tight (but not too tight, it should close easily).  You can also pack fragile items in boxes inside a bigger box for extra protection.

Don't Leave Empty Space

Make sure to fill any space and voids in the box –and try for 2 inches of cushioning material between the item and box wall.

The Best Option: White Glove Service

Priority One Courier & Logistics specializes in Same-Day White Glove and fragile shipping. We’re fully licensed and insured. We have worked with our White Glove service clients in California and other states for over 15 years!

Within Orange County, we offer 1-hour delivery. We go beyond the standard expectation, especially when dealing with objects that could be costly if not handled with the highest level of care.

You can rely on our excellent customer service 24/7, as well as ongoing support. To get started, you can email us at [email protected] or get a free quote online. You can also call 866-707-8802, and we’ll be glad to help you ship your fragile items!

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