5 Steps to Prepare Your Pallets for Shipments

5 Steps to Prepare Your Pallets for Shipments

Preparing pallets for shipping is one of those things that we may not think about until we must do it ourselves, often encountering difficulties. In this post, we will share some important tips so you can make sure your pallets are ready to reach their destination undamaged.

Ensure You Use the Right Size Pallet

The most common size for pallets is 40” x 48”, but of course you can find smaller and larger ones. As you get your pallets together for shipment, make sure that your boxes are 6 inches or more from the edge of the pallet, as this is a necessary space for forklifts.

Pro Tip: Choose a customized pallet for your shipment if the standard sizes do not fit right.

Pack Each Box Properly

Even if everything looks right on the outside of the pallet, your products could still get damaged inside the boxes if they have not been prepared safely. Ensure the products are secure, padded, and wrapped in quality packaging materials like shrink wrap, tape, packing peanuts, and even smaller boxes inside the bigger ones if necessary.

Pro Tip: Boxes should be full and have no air in them, which increases the risk of damage during transportation. You may even want to customize each box to your needs by cutting them and adjusting them to the right size.

Stack Boxes and Beware of Edges

Boxes should not overhang or be misaligned, as this will cause damage. As you stack boxes, you can use a slip sheet (flat, empty cardboard) between every other layer to ensure the loose boxes stay in place. Remember to stack the heaviest boxes at the bottom and the lighter toward the top.

Pro Tip: Stagger or align your boxes and always distribute the weight evenly.

Strengthen The Pallet Itself

also use quality shrink wrap, and wrap it up to 5 times, to strengthen the pallet.

Pro Tip: Use a Nylon strap, and strap it at least twice, to reinforce the pallet further.

Do Not Exceed Weight Capacity

Usually, pallets are designed to support 4,600lbs. In each pallet, the maximum weight capacity is displayed. Always ensure that you are not exceeding the weight capacity to avoid damage.

Pro Tip: Also, avoid surprise charges by not exceeding your pallet’s weight capacity.

While loading a pallet isn’t rocket science, there is a way it goes to help your shipment reach its destination without any damage and at the lowest possible cost to you.

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