Top 10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Courier Delivery and Logistics Company

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Today, more than ever, we must rely on highly effective logistics for businesses to keep moving smoothly. As delays are happening in many areas of the country, there must be local courier companies that are able to pick up parcels and ensure that customers and businesses do not fall behind.

Nonetheless, do you know the standards that a courier company should meet? In this post, we ask 10 questions that every courier delivery and logistics company should be able to answer. If they cannot provide the following answers to your satisfaction, you may want to take your parcel somewhere else.

1. Does your courier company have insurance and the necessary licenses? 

It is important that your chosen courier is both licensed and insured to deliver parcels. The risk of using an unlicensed courier is high, as your packages could get lost and stolen. An uninsured courier cannot guarantee that the packages will reach their destination, and if they do, they may be damaged.

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, we carry Liability Insurance. In addition, we have all the necessary local licenses. We are registered with the Department of Transportation, California Highway Patrol, and all other agencies required. Our drivers have verified DMV records and receive safety training. They are highly qualified to deliver your parcels on demand. 

2. How long have you been in the courier industry? 

Knowing how long a courier business has been in the industry is important. This should give you an indicator not only of their experience but also of route, transportation, and technology knowledge. You should also be able to ask around (or search online) for customer reviews.

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, we have over 20 years of experience specializing in Same Day Courier Services in Orange County and beyond. We have seen many changes in the logistics chain over the years and have had to adapt to keep up with new demands. We have been the shipping solution for many local businesses, always with outstanding customer service. Click here to read what our customers have to say about us on Google!

3. What is the size of your fleet? 

Effective logistics are essential to success, and the bigger the size of the fleet, the more options you have as a customer. According to Michigan State University, companies “see logistics as a critical blueprint of the supply chain.”  Coordinating resources and moving products in a reliable, fast, and cost-effective way is not easy. Process website recommends hiring a professional courier company to improve and streamline your business shipping process. Priority One Courier and Logistics’ fleet includes small vehicles, cargo vans, trucks up to 26”, and liftgate trucks.

4. What delivery options do you have? 

Delivering packages, goods, and documents on time is crucial, regardless of what kind of business you have. Waiting on a package that is late could be a deal-breaker with other customers, clients, or patrons. What’s more, sensitive goods like medical samples and food products could expire if they don’t arrive on time.

Perhaps your business already has a delivery system, but you can save yourself the expense, risk, and headache by choosing professionals in the industry. Priority One Courier and Logistics will take your package directly from point A to point B. We specialize in One Hour, Express, Rush, and Same Day deliveries. Nonetheless, we also offer flexible time frames to fit the clients’ specific needs. In addition, we provide On-board Courier Service, where our agent will jump on the next flight out to hand-deliver a package to its final destination anywhere in the country.

5. Do you provide automated shipping updates?

In the modern era, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic, it has become more important than ever to stay as connected as possible. Customers and business operators want to know where their packages are so they can also give an answer to their patrons.

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, our clients receive emails with tracking information when a delivery has been scheduled. They also receive an email with delivery information when the delivery is complete.

6. How can I track my shipment? 

Tracking options should be a must when choosing a courier company. Not being able to provide you with tracking information and package notifications is a sign to run away!

We provide all of our clients’ immediate access to our Online Portal, where clients can view tracking information, Proof of Delivery, the current status of each shipment, and many more options. You can easily export this information to .csv, Excel, and PDF to maximize productivity.

What’s more, since the pandemic began, many of our clients have been placing orders entirely from home. Purchase managers, warehouse managers, along with other team members, can follow a straight communication chain and not fall behind.

7. What are your prices?

You should always ask about pricing before committing, especially if you need special deliveries. Some couriers could add hidden fees and charges, which could really impact your business in the end. Make sure to ask all your questions and if the answers seem convoluted, it may be a sign to go somewhere else.

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, we offer affordable courier services. Certain services, like white glove and special deliveries, will have a different price than regular courier service. You can also choose a preset service level based on your budget. That said, give us a call at 866-707-8802 or fill out our Get a Quote form and we will get back to you ASAP. We want to help your business succeed, and we are always willing to give discounts based on volume.

8. Do you offer contactless delivery? 

Since early 2020, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have put social distancing recommendations in place to help keep each other safe against COVID-19, which includes staying 6-feet apart, not leaving your home if you don’t have to, and disinfecting objects like packages.

Given these Coronavirus guidelines, we are not requiring a signature to complete any shipments. Instead, we can drop off at a designated point as requested by clients. This keeps our clients, staff, and your packages safe.

9. Are your deliveries guaranteed?

Delivering our clients’ shipments on time is our priority. For over 20 years, we have had an outstanding track record for delivering on time. There are certain factors out of our control, such as weather and traffic conditions. If these conditions are present, we are proactive in contacting our customers immediately to let them know how it may affect their timeframes.

10. What health and safety measures have you taken to protect your staff and customers from Covid-19?

At Priority One Courier and Logistics, we are committed to helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic. We provide our drivers with hand sanitizer and masks in each one of our vehicles. Instead of having our customers sign for their packages, we ask for a name and enter it ourselves. During pick-ups and white-glove deliveries, we also maintain a safe distance. Please read more about what our courier and logistics business is doing regarding COVID-19 in this blog post.


Now that you have a better idea of what to look for in a courier service, it is time to streamline your business processes so you can maximize productivity and hit your goals!

If you are ready to ship today, please call us at 866-707-8802.

We would love to be your courier and logistics business solution!